Sunday, August 13, 2006

A good read?

A good read?

This blog's interest is popular science writing, especially the kind which ends up in books. There are thousands of them these days. What mainly interests me is what makes a good one. So posts will be about good or bad bits of books I happen to be looking at. Occasionally, I may stir myself to review a whole book, but that's not the main point. I am more interested in comparison and contrast, and testing out a few critical thoughts on the whole genre (if genre it be).

To start with, the comments are geared to an event in London in October which will try and identify the best science book ever. Visit the Royal Institution for details (though the event is at Imperial College).

I will be asking the three people who will be acting as advocates for their favourites - Armand Leroi, Maggie MacDonald and Tim Radford - to reveal their top titles in advance. We'll see what follows from that, before the event, and maybe after.


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