Sunday, October 08, 2006

The main event - reminder

Time for another top of the page reminder that this blog links with an event on October 19 at Imperial College London where we will vote for the "best science book ever" (see Royal Institution link in the sidebar).

It won't be the final word - the point is to have the conversation. Examples of what is good, with arguments why, might add up to something. At least, we'll have a list of books to supplement Ian McEwan's science canon (see earlier post).

Anyone who wants to mention a particular title not so far highlighted here, please do - maybe with a few words about why it is worthy, or unworthy. I've had conversations about Lewis Thomas, for instance (remember The Lives of a Cell, or The Medusa and the Snail? ), but no-one has mentioned him here yet. The RI is also polling some of the scientifically inclined literati to see what they think, which ought to be fun. More on that soon.

At some point, I'll put up a list of everything which gets mentioned. Maybe a top 50. If we get to 100 titles, I might even feel a book proposal coming on (though nobody wanted to play last time I tried that one).


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