Tuesday, December 11, 2007

attention elsewhere

As anyone who has stopped by here recently (has anyone? no idea...) knows, this blog is in suspended animation. I'd love to keep it up - the books still engage me. But for me a blog has to relate to a current project to get a piece of my time. And until I get that commission for the complete treatment of popular science, 
and the research chair to go with it, my attention is elsewhere. For now, 
I recommend Elizabeth Leane's Reading Popular Physics
which I just reviewed for THES but can't link because they aren't geared up for that.

So I hope you might visit a new blog, for a new project - the Rough Guide to the Future. On advice from the net savvy folk on the UK science writers' e-list, it is on a platform I probably shouldn't name here - don't really know if it's better but it's certainly easy. Find it at unreliable futures

All comments welcome - this project, even more than most, needs distributed intelligence to overcome the limits of the author's education and imagination - which I guess is one thing which will feature in all our futures if they are going to be viable at all...